SeatSational™ - Stadium Advertising - Custom Seat Covers for Marketing


Product Details

Seatsational™ is the future of arena marketing, sponsorships and event marketing!

It’s the WOW factor for your brand, message or cause…delivered in stunning, venue-wide presentation! Seatsational™ seat covers place your brand in continuous view of stadiums, event marketing, and theatre audiences before, during and while exiting events. No other advertising tool offers this level of impact and brand-reinforcing exposure at a crowd level!

GetAQuote-175Seatsational™ automatically uses pre-event waiting time to convert audience members into customers and supporters!


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SeatSational delivers:
• Exposure via TV and web broadcast
• Lead generation/data collection
• Charity involvement
• Fun audience interaction
• A customizable, durable product


Interactive Marketing Options Include:
• Seat sponsorship
• QR code promotion through:
– Smartphones/couponing
– app download
– e-commerce and cause donations
• Pockets for printed materials/product giveaways


Technology of the Future:
• CCS Interactive- RFID and Holographic
• Deal Savant- QR code programming
• eGift Card Sharing
• Aurasma- Photo Rec application
• Scan to Launch gaming and lottery
• Prize giveaways and in-game raffles


SeatSational Analytical Benefits:
• Code interaction numbers
• Lead Gen from offer acquisition
• Survey feedback
• Log-in info gathered for Contests
• Coupon transaction monitoring
• Immediate “real time” call to action